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Spares and Repairs


Mixed-media sculpture and five-channel video with broken LCD TVs

Spares and Repairs is a physical-digital sculpture made from deconstructed, broken LED TVs. Bursting open, the innards of the TVs are pulled apart and arranged over two blue utilitarian shelves to illustrate the unrecognised richness of resources present in each device. New screens placed inside the broken TVs play digital videos of faces, hands and technological components, intertwining people with their products and manipulating the concept of the screen and the role of time in video. In their new role as an art object, what was originally considered unwatchable waste become desirable viewing. The sculpture illustrates concepts of changing notions of value, the aesthetics of damage, and consumer culture.

Winner of the 2022 Clifford Chance UAL Sculpture Award, Spares and Repairs (2022)

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