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Video, 03min 31sec

The digital animation AppleFig (2020) studies the possibility that internet search algorithms are irreversibly altering how humans form meaning and understand concepts.


The ability to hold multiple, conflicting concepts when forming meaning is part of being human. However, to function, internet search engines and their categorisation algorithms only support binary concepts. Within their cognition processes, dual meanings cannot exist. As we increasingly rely on internet search engines to define our lives, does their binary, deterministic approach to definition manipulate the way we understand concepts? Using hybrids, AppleFig explores the conflicting cognition processes behind the formation of meaning and the determination of concepts.

Exhibited: 2021 London Short Films Festival, Candid Arts (London), The Bomb Factory (London), Bury Art and Sculpture Centre (Manchester), and Common Room (Shanghai), and it is the UAL collection. 

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