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You and I


Digital Vision Apparatus with YouTube, Raspberry Pi computer, Arducam stereo camera and camera HAT, LCD screen, leather, metal mesh, battery power pack, umbrella parts, lenses, microphone, cables, acrylic, wire, cardboard.


You and I (2022) is a live art performance in which the artist watches a Youtube live stream of their vision on a TV while sitting and wearing a handmade VR headset. The performance is held for a period of one-hour cycles. You and I materially consists of a handmade VR headset, a plinth, a plastic chair, and a TV. The handmade VR headset streams the artist’s vision back to them in 3D using YouTube, allowing the artist to only see digitally and to experience real life through the glitchy nuances of the internet. The artist and viewers watch the YouTube live stream on a TV placed in front of the artist, creating a mise en abyme where the artist’s vision recursively appears within itself.

The live art performance engages the concept that technology is humanity’s established method for perceiving the world and, in turn, our technology becomes ourselves and our world. The performance investigates the alternative forms of perception and embodiment that can evolve from a modification of this relationship.

You and I has been generously supported by bursaries from CuratorSpace and ClassRoom Gallery, Coventry. 

Performed at Contact Theatre, Manchester, in 2023. 

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