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Fresh Skin's First Sight

Wall-mounted sculpture with two-channel video including recycled LCD TV chassis, powerboard, microcomputers, screens, cables, latex and photographs. 

Skin's First Sight combines a two-channel video nestled in an obsolete LCD TV chassis and enveloped by a translucent, pink latex skin. The wall-mounted sculpture uses a reclaimed TV circuit board with new microcomputers and screens to play a two-channel video of a mouth and digital timecodes that are both sensual and grotesque. Cast from television components, the taught latex skin includes impressions and symbols from the manufacturing process with inset photographs of a body. The visual effect is cell-like and evokes a melding of body and technology where technological components appear to have biological functions and vice versa. The artwork engages themes of corporality, contemporary media and renewal inspired by intricate personal reflection and the expression of self-discovery. 

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